# & Touch Bags: Who Has The Best Replicas? and Touch Bags are two online stores that have been in the fashion business for a few years now, time in which they gained a strong reputation among fashion enthusiasts for providing a great alternative to spending thousands on designer handbags or shoes. What is this alternative I'm talking about? Well, and Touch Bags are well-known for creating identical replicas of designer wear, replicas made from the same materials and according to the same specifications as the original models, making them undistinguishable from the originals and offering a great way to look glamorous without spending a fortune. Touch Bags and ReplicaMagic have been praised on many fashion blogs and have gained quite a large customer base since the quality of their products is so amazing. In this article we are going to take a closer look at the services offered by both ReplicaMagic and Touch Bags and compare them for you so you can make a decision about which of the two represents the best choice for your next shopping spree.

Navigation & Layout

When navigating through a web store we like to keep it simple and to the point. Both stores manage to achieve this goal but after a few minutes spent on the two sites we see there are a few differences between them coming mostly from the fact that Touch Bags is more up-to-date than so its pages load faster and its ordering and checkout forms are simpler to use. Another major difference between the two would be that the products we find at Touch Bags are categorized better than the ones at ReplicaMagic; they are arranged both according to their designer and after their type, so navigation is a bit easier and the items are not as difficult to find.

Customer Service

Even if the quality of the products offered by a store is very high, that store is nothing if its assistants are not polite and its customer service is not friendly and helpful. And when we're talking about online stores, the customer service is even more important, so let's check the customer services of and Touch Bags. ReplicaMagic has a friendly staff that answers the emails sent by customers at their address  pretty fast, but Touch Bags is ahead of its competitor – they offer us a hot line where we can call from morning to midnight, and they answer very quickly. Replica Magic and Touch Bags have attracted the attention of many fashion enthusiasts, but at a closer look Touch Bags appears to be in front of its rival which needs a few improvements to be its serious competitor!